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Municipal Service Evaluation

Municipal Service Review

The Municipal Service Evaluation is the foundation on which Link Operations was started. There is a constant need to evaluate the community growth and the changes in the population. It is a goal at Link Operations to stress the inevitability of change in communities; the need to constantly reassess resources for the population is paramount. Plenty of studies and evidence show that a review of municipal services should be done regularly.

Link Operations is the forefront of using technology and advanced methods to evaluate the appropriate system for the specific needs of the community. Using commercial drones and other advanced mapping systems, a detailed evaluation is available with multiple plans to restructure.


A Municipal Service Evaluation involves, but is not limited to:

Evaluating Government Structure

Financial Opportunities

In-Depth Community Growth/Population Assessment

Administrative Resource Evaluation

Concise Fire/EMS Evaluation (In Regards to Municipal Service)

Just like any of our services, Link Operations will meticulously ensure any foreseeable issue is not overlooked. We guarantee the best care and undivided attention is given to your account.

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