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About Us

Our motto at Link Operations is "to be Proactive, not Reactive."

Public Safety is Priority

Link Operations, LLC is an American family-owned small business with first responders at the heart of our company. We run our business solely on the principle of helping others create a safer world using our emergency response experience. Our assembled team has a wealth of resources that are not available to the average consulting agency. We utilize our subject matter experts in Government Services, Fire Services, Incident Management, and Emergency Services.

100% Transparency and Accountability

Our approach is one that is heavily detailed and based on a personal, grass roots perspective. Based on our current and past experiences being at the operational level of a city government, we are firm believers that our frontline workers have the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge and data worth gathering and sharing. If the concerns and opinions of these individuals are obtained regularly, the operational efficiency and capabilities we can use as lessons learned to help others are invaluable. At Link Operations, we have this knowledge and the talented staff to take these timely lessons and apply them to your unique situation.

Revitalizing the 'Consultancy Stigma'

With today’s moment-by-moment changing climate, safety is the trending priority. We are cutting-edge, pushing barriers, and have a completely different approach that will be the new standard. We will proudly implement the most advanced methodology to increase safety to your citizens and frontline workers while mitigating any bigger issues which could expand over time. Our innovative approach aims to revitalize and advance the Emergency Services field, to the future.

Our Change:

The Link Operations Approach

  • We care about everyone that can be affected by our business.
  • We love to meet new people and make new connections.
  • We will strive every day to be remembered by anyone we come in contact with by our professionalism, but also our contagious positivity we bring to all of our projects.
  • We are a young company with many projects ahead. We are hungry to prove ourselves and will do so by devoting all of our time to ensure our client is not just pleased, but overwhelmed with how we go above and beyond.
  • We strive to remember ignorance. While we will always be confident that we have the strong knowledge base required to perform your criteria, we have already prepped our entire team with multiple classes to include today’s current issues (COVID-19, Social Injustice, etc.) into your overall betterment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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