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Fire Department Evaluation

The current and appropriate trend for the Fire Service is to be progressive. While tradition is still the cornerstone of the Fire Service, it is our goal to be multiple steps ahead of the overlooked problems that keep the public and firefighters in harm’s way. We at Link Operations are Firefighter Advocates. We are the biggest supporter of Firefighter rights, pay, and performance; Link Operations prides our ability to be the objective mediator between a department and the entity that funds it.

Link Operations has developed impartial evaluations of Fire Departments. The evaluation process is strictly objective; evaluating the organization’s capabilities and limitations. The evaluation will provide an in-depth investigation into the provider’s services and support programs.

Link Operations Fire Department Evaluations are custom to each department and include any of the following components:

  • Departmental Objectives and Goals
  • Station Location and Deployment
  • Community Growth, Diversity, & Development Study
  • Apparatus Placement and Availability (City/Rural Areas)
  • Statistical Call Volume and Diversity Study
  • Line and Officer Career Development
  • Organization and Management Evaluation
  • Non-Emergency/Emergency Operations and Procedures
  • Public Information & Marketing Evaluation
  • Custom and Specific Evaluations

Through these services, Link Operations will ensure that your community and organization receive the best service at the most reasonable cost. With our unbiased approach to community needs, along with the service’s capabilities, we will design the most achievable outline to meet the goals established.

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