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Executive Search/Transitional Assessment

Leadership in the Emergency Services field is paramount to how an agency operates. Link Operations takes a systematic and custom approach to finding the candidate who is most qualified for the position needed.

A carefully developed program includes:

  • Selective Advertisement
  • Initial Recruitment
  • In-Depth Screening
  • Pre-Designed Executive Testing
  • Extensive Interviews

Link Operations will meticulously find the most qualified and appropriate match for your program based on current department trends and government climate. Choosing our consulting agency relieves any concern of finding the right executive without omitting any of the often overlooked details that ensure they are the right person for such an important job.

Using our own specific criteria, the agency’s specific criteria, NFPA Standards, and multiple other curricula; we have formed a strict screening process utilizing the following:

  • Strategic/Organizational Comprehension & Logic
  • Stress-Based Oral Presentations
  • Tactical Incident Command Simulations - Using Link Operations' Custom-Designed Models
  • MCI-Based Problem Solving
  • Custom Testing (based on specific departmental need)

Studious evaluations are done by Link Operations giving a detailed report of every candidate. A diligent scoring of candidate’s leadership, supervisory, communication, and interpersonal skills will completely facilitate the best candidate for the job. Our thoroughness in choosing the candidate for you is what stands us apart.

Link Operations also offers an extensive Transitional Implementation Plan for the succession of entities.

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