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Emergency Medical Services Evaluation

Link Operations has developed an impartial evaluation of an Emergency Medical Service provider. The evaluation process is strictly objective; evaluating the provider’s capabilities and limitations. The evaluation will provide an in-depth investigation into the provider’s services and support programs.

Link Operations Emergency Medical Service Evaluations are ideal for:

  • Market Allocation during Contract Bid/Renewal
  • Agency Management and Organization
  • Laws & Regulations Compliance
  • Compliance of System Regulations & Policy


The goal of evaluating an EMS program is to boost cost efficiency and enhance patient outcomes. Through the following components, we strive to increase community care.

The different components include:

  • Evaluating Provider Objectives and Goals
  • Staffing Trends and Employee Turnover
  • Evaluating Current Programs
  • Detailed Reports with Custom Suggestions for Programs

Link Operations is your objective approach to a checks and balances system between EMS departments and government entities. All services are tailored to the specific needs of your department.

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