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Disaster Management Analysis

A Disaster Management Analysis was established due to the current threat of the COVID-19 Pandemic. After talking to many business owners, it is very vague as to how to handle these rapidly changing issues.

Link Operations is the forefront of using technology and advanced methods to evaluate the best plans for your business based on numerous scenarios. We will do an analysis of every plan you have in place; if you do not have a plan, we will be happy to make suggestions or create an in-depth Disaster Management Plan for your workplace.

Tailored Analysis and Mitigation Plan

We will use the OSHA and CDC guidelines of preparing the workplace for disaster to help designate classifications of risk (very high, high, moderate, or low) for every hazard.

 This is specifically handcrafted for your business.

Developing Project and Procedures

We will suggest policies and procedures for prompt identification and isolation of sick people using the layout of your building.

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